The Light Within Us

What do you do when you see someone you love, or even your child, go through something that seems to affect their very vision of themselves, and life? What do you say? What if it continues and there seems to be no end in sight?

Praying for Your Kids

Every parent understands the kids’ bedtime extravaganza. Night after night, what you think has the potential to be a brief bedtime routine, quickly turns into… an extravaganza. Somehow the energy levels, excitement, questions, special bed-time requests, water needs, trips to the bathroom, and conversations all come to a peak at bedtime.


Easter is quickly approaching this week, where we prepare our hearts for remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, as well as His resurrection that assures our hope in Him. As we rejoice in that hope, we also rejoice that we get to be a part of the celebration, and remember that His Good News is for all that would receive Him.

Powerful Parenting

Do you feel powerful or powerless as a parent? What about any other role where God has called you to serve? It doesn’t take long visiting social media websites, or talking with other parents at our kids’ schools and sporting events, to notice that in a lot of ways, parents today can feel easily overwhelmed—or powerless.

How Do You “Teach” Motivation?

If you’re a “Type-A personality” like myself, with an oldest child mentality to boot, you understand the dilemma I often face in my mind. Whether in the workplace, in friendships, counseling others, family matters, or raising your kids, the question arises of, “What motivates others?”

Encourage One Another

When you get the privilege to become a parent, you get the awesome experience to realize that not everyone is like you, not even your child! I can laugh at this, because from the very first months of having our son, we realized that we were going to need to RELY on the Holy Spirit to lead us in leading him.

Nurturing Generosity in Our Kids

One day my 7-year-old son and I had a conversation about giving. I began by reminding him of how much stuff he has been accumulating over the years, and particularly since his last birthday and Christmas. I asked him if he ever thought about giving one of his toys to someone who might be without, or even just to a friend, since his currency at the moment is toys.

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