Seeds of Hope
Seeds of Hope

Sometimes God plants desires in us that seem strange. Sometimes it takes a great deal of faith and courage and a great deal of vulnerability to stay in touch with, and simultaneously release those desires.

In the seasons where desire hasn’t yet sprung forth, it can require a quiet, brave confidence and hope in the Giver of those desires Himself; hope in those seasons where the seed is hidden away and no one sees or even understand the reason for the planting of the seed. I know it’s vulnerable reaching out and embracing the desire and yet staying tender and surrendered enough to not control the germination of the ‘when” moment for that seed. It takes a mixture of faith and courage and sometimes even silently forgetting about yet-to-come desires to be present in the now and not consumed with the “how” or the “when” or the “why” of tomorrow’s dreams. Sometimes it’s easier to squash desire than to live with the reality of unmet, not understood desires. I think at their core, God meant for desires to make us—especially women—look more tender, gentle, beautiful, welcoming. Hope kinda does that to the soul. Squashed desires bring a shutdown, shame added to shame, walled stoic-ness, deadness. 

But hope puts a welcoming light in the eyes, life in the soul!

I haven’t always done well with living in touch with the desires inside of me. I haven’t always seen or treated them as gifts. But God is teaching me the beauty of them. The more I learn to lean into and trust the Holy Spirit, the more He’s teaching me the joy and the graceful art of embracing those desires while simultaneously releasing them and going quietly on with what is ‘today’.

Slowly, I’m learning to trust Him to guide the desires in me and connect me to the Father. I may or may not have been the one in the past who is guilty of digging around in the soil to ‘see how that seed is doing’ and tamper with and somewhat thwart what was about to beautifully burst through on its own. Or worse yet, end up being completely unable to find the seed and feeling frustrated with only dirty hands to show for the fretting and wasted energy.

This past weekend, I realized anew that when God gives a Word or plants a desire in the soul, He WILL see to its germination! There can be all kinds of things thrown at it meant to bury it deeper or even do away with it entirely. But I can completely trust that what God plants, He will grow. It may take years. I might even forget about it. But if I received and embraced that desire from heaven, that promise, that word in its initial planting—it will grow! And one day a plant will spring up where we entirely forgot a seed was planted because we were busy going about partnering with hope and the Holy Spirit in the everyday stuff that makes up life. But He never forgot. All Abraham did was believe and he kept partnering with God. Some desires require our active action, but even in those desires, in the waiting season of sweat and tears where the ‘yet’ has not yet happened and it takes brave courage and bold tenacity coupled with quiet hope of the soul to stay beautifully alive, even there in that spot is quiet rest and resilience, courage of the soul He wants to teach me.

What word has God given you that hasn’t happened…yet? I speak hope and life to you and to that word—that desire. And quiet rest, hope, and courage as you partner with the One who planted that desire in you. He is faithful and He will do it. Just keep doing the next thing, what’s right in front of you.

One day that little wiggle of life coming up through the soil right in front of you will shock you and you’ll stand in silent awe and wonder at the beauty of a seed, a promise sprung forth. Never give up. Always lean in and trust the Keeper of the seed. He will do it.

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  1. Tina Stansfield

    Hello Vera, I recently am running into more woman that are no longer working and feel so restless to do something. Sitting patiently and waiting on God seems so trying to them. They have always just did what they felt was necessary to take care of family and do what they thought was expected. I think many of us can relate to the paragraph that start out, “I haven’t always done well with living in touch with the desires inside of me.” I think you did well with sharing the feelings that so many us woman face. I have found the more I sit still and focus on Him, the more those desires are realized. My desires are met by seeking first the king and His kingdom.
    Have a Blessed Day,


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