Teaching Identity & Purpose from the Start

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Giving children a firm foundation to stand on while they learn to fly.
If your child were hungry, would you feed him or her? Of course! Just as we care for the physical needs of our children to help them to learn and grow, we can also begin to feed their hungry hearts what they crave in order to set them up for a successful future–right from the start. Our passion at Who’s Teaching the Babies?® is for every child to begin his/her life healthy and strong from the inside-out. When your child knows who God is and who they are as God’s child, their roots will remain deep and strong in truth as they learn to crawl, walk, and fly!
When a child knows his/her identity and purpose in God:

They are confident that they are loved, significant, and important no matter what.


They know the power of God that's within them and that there is no junior Holy Spirit.


They are more likely to take risks knowing that failure does not change their true value.


They are better trust-builders and are more likely to form healthy relationships.


They are more emotionally healthy and resilient because their identity is secure.


They are not moved by popular opinion because the Word of God is their anchor.

Beginning at day one, babies learn who they are, what is right and wrong, and how they fit in the world by what is said and done to them and around them. Teach your babies truth, love & life from the very start!
The moment the world greets a newborn baby is the moment they begin learning who they will be in life. Creating an environment where they are saturated in their priceless identity in God sets them up for a life on a firm foundation.
Children seek approval to validate their value and status in their world. By continually reminding them that they are loved and priceless in God, they can be creative and learn and grow as unique individuals without the pressure of performing in order to earn their worth.
A baby’s brain has twice as many neuron connections as an adult and will grow to half the size of an adult’s brain by six months old. These crucial developmental stages prove scientifically to be the foundational launching point for a human being’s entire life.
An infant’s brain begins to form just three weeks after conception. During this time, trillions of neurons are produced, reaching a lifetime high before birth. Connections between cells in the brain are rapidly developed, with memory beginning at only four months in utero.
Children are sensitive to their environment from the very start. They are always watching and listening. We can create habits and rhythms that focus on identity and purpose that will help them to thrive in the midst of both good times and times of struggle.
Habitual thought patterns, identity, emotional health, and the ability to trust are formed in the foundational stages of life. The more trusted relationships in an infant or toddler’s life, the more rapidly trust is established.
A child's emotional development begins at the start of their life. By speaking and modeling truth before them, we help them to grow as resilient, courageous, trusting, and compassionate human beings.

Fun Identity-Building Activities

One thing that’s exciting about WTTB® resources is that they can be used in countless different ways! If you need some help getting those creative juices flowing, however, here we provide lots of ideas for how you can make the truth come alive in your home or classroom. 

Faithful Today

Faithful Today

Summer is in full swing and everyone has been enjoying it to the fullest here on the farm! As a wife and mom trying to keep up with the demands, I often find myself asking the silent inner question, ‘Okay God, what character trait of Yours do You want me to lean into...
The Greatness of the Present

The Greatness of the Present

Gah. It’s good. The end of the week is almost here and I’m tired. But it’s a good kind of tired. I’ve been challenging myself to ‘stay present’ more lately and while it definitely takes more emotional energy, it’s been so rich. It’s easy to stay glibly present in good moments, but the hard ones? Those are the ones I have tended to run from.

Friendship and Kintsugi

Friendship and Kintsugi

Kintsugi has always intrigued me. When a small dish from the treasury of my Grandma’s china that had been passed down to me broke the other week, I almost tossed it right into the trash can. But mid toss I stopped and said out loud, ‘No. Verna! She knows how to do kintsugi! I want to do that with this dish.’ At that point I immediately picked up the phone and put in my request for a little help and know-how for the project which turned into a fun morning and lunch together.

Lessons of Grace

Lessons of Grace

In the past, and sometimes still, I can find it difficult to slow down the intake and focus on being established instead of frantically going for more. I’m learning that it’s okay to give myself permission to listen to the same message or read the same chapter over and over again; to learn and re-learn a new habit; to move in peace and let the message or lesson sink deeply into my spirit.

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

I haven’t always done well with living in touch with the desires inside of me. I haven’t always seen or treated them as gifts. But God is teaching me the beauty of them. The more I learn to lean into and trust the Holy Spirit, the more He’s teaching me the joy and the graceful art of embracing those desires while simultaneously releasing them and going quietly on with what is ‘today’.

My Alabaster Jar

My Alabaster Jar

I used to think the only things of worth were the big things ‘out there.’ It was difficult, actually, almost impossible for me to find fulfillment and satisfaction in doing the everyday stuff. Now you moms out there realize that so much of mom life is made up of exactly this—normal everyday ordinary stuff. And when I became a mom at 34, I wasn’t prepared for all it would show me. It showed me I hated the normal hidden everyday stuff. It showed me I’d never learned to thrive well in the everyday gears that are so important in the foundation before going out in the bigger world for all the bigger things.

Be Still

Be Still

This morning was rushing fast by me again. Lately it’s felt like that’s the way my entire day goes. Rushing. Fast. Swirling me along with it. Baby, homeschool, laundry, meal planning and making, answering a gazillion questions, working a small side gig as time affords and all the while keeping the atmosphere open and pleasant between the small humans. My days go by SO FAST! This morning was no exception…

Go Slow this Christmas

Go Slow this Christmas

So, in the middle of the last scramble that can come in these last couple days before Christmas, don’t forget to go slow. Breathe in peace and follow the Prince of Peace. Exhale peace and walk in peace. Marinade in the love of heaven come to earth. Stay in it a little longer than normal. And then go give it away to your husband or wife, to your children, and to everyone else you meet. It’s why He came. He came to bring quality of connections; peace instead of performed perfection…

A Thanksgiving to Remember Cover

A Thanksgiving to Remember

The turkey has been demolished. The yummy delicious dishes that took time to make are now mostly devoured and declared to be good. Naps and sleep that were forgone in order to make the dishes in between juggling baby and real life are forgotten in the warmth of memories made around the food. Hearts are full and grateful here. It was a Thanksgiving to remember.

Mom Struggles and PB&J Days

Mom Struggles and PB&J Days

This morning was a mix of play and work, cloudy faces and happy faces. In the middle of folding Sunday and Monday’s laundry with the little tots I wondered, ‘what did Eve struggle with as a Mom?’ The first mom ever. No other moms before her or around her to compare herself with. No endless approaches to sort through. No moms saying you ‘should’ this or that. She was the first. Was she a crunchy perfect organic mom? Or was she okay with peanut butter and jelly sandwich days for her boys? Did she struggle to respond instead of react? Did she get tired of telling her kids for the 99th time to ‘chew with your mouth closed’? Or did she just let that one slide? Did she struggle to make the choice to stay present some days? Did she ever snap and tell Adam, ‘I need a break?’

If you’re just getting started with your infant and/or toddler ministry, it may seem like a daunting task. The good thing is, we’ve done this before and we’re here to help

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Revolutionary resources created to establish and affirm a child’s unique identity and purpose.
Why Begin so Young?
The first three foundational years of life are proven to be the most critical time to establish trust, identity, personality, and the development of the mind. Who’s Teaching the Babies?® was birthed with the heart to see each child firmly established in these areas as well as to lay a firm foundation of Biblical truth, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a personal experience with God’s love, and the knowledge that identity is found only in Christ. The experiences, interactions, social connections, and words received during this once-in-a-lifetime developmental stage build the framework for a child’s future.

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