In My Restless Nights, He is Good
Vera Smoker

Written by Vera Smoker

September 28, 2020

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In My Restless Nights He is Good

An early morning walk in the light mist and rain this morning was not such a bad idea after all! Why don’t I do this more often? Third trimester sleep can be a real struggle for me, but through it, I am learning. One of the biggest and hardest lessons I am learning is that of taking charge of my thoughts and commanding my mind in those uncomfortable waking moments of the night. This has made the biggest impact on how my mornings will begin.

I have had a lot of good nights…and a lot of challenging nights lately it seems. Sometimes I forget even the basic things that might help in the middle of the night as I am just plain irritated about another moment of restless sleep and trying to get comfortable, thinking about how many hours I have left to try to recharge before morning. Last night landed in the restless zone. My husband, Brandon suggested that I play some music to see if that would help. It helped immensely! I still didn’t sleep amazingly, but when I’d wake up there was a song going through my mind to focus on instead of all the negative thoughts. The door was now closed to the barrage of anxiety and fearful thoughts that often try to sneak their way in during the night hours. (Some of them can seem so ridiculously silly once morning light comes, but boy can they seem real in the middle of the night.)

This morning as I walked in the rain, I kept thinking about what a kind Daddy God I have and His thoughts over me. So kind in fact that He COMMANDS His loving kindness towards me. (Psalms 42:8) In the last part of that same verse it says that His songs will be with me in the night.

My receiving of both of these things depends on how well I guard my mind and take charge of what thoughts, etc. I allow in. His thoughts towards me comfort me today…and the fact that He doesn’t put condemnation on me in this learning curve. Instead, He comes in the night watch and in my anxious moments He treats me like He did the disciples. He takes charge, asks me why I’m afraid, and shows me the way through. He is a good, good Father!

Songs for your Nights

“The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime, And in the night His song shall be with me—A prayer to the God of my life.” (Psalm 42:8)


  1. Melodye Hilton

    So beautifully written!

    • Vera Smoker

      Thank you

  2. Tina Stansfield

    Thanks for sharing! I will share this with our church. We have some pregnant mommies right now and I am sure this will help. I think this could help anyone who struggles with restless nights.
    Keep posting!


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