How Does it Work? Interact & Engage with WTTB®

How Does it Work?

Interact & Engage with WTTB®

Who’s Teaching the Babies?® was first conceived and birthed for use in our home church nursery. We were on a mission to not just “babysit” our babies, but to teach and equip them from the inside out by ministering identity and destiny over their valuable lives. For over 20 years, we have used these tools in a classroom setting in our nursery and have welcomed countless children through our doors.

The WTTB® products were first created for use within a classroom as we embarked to create a curriculum that would not simply teach Bible stories, but would be a library of resources to instill identity, affirm Godly character, and empower children to walk in their God-given destiny. These same truth-packed products are now offered in such a way that they can be used not only within a classroom setting, but in the home, on the road, or anywhere you and your little ones may be.

We encourage teachers, parents, and caregivers alike to be creative with these resources to engage your child as they continue to grow in the Lord. The truths that they contain will never grow old as their spirit receives them from the very start!

Below are just a few of the examples of how we have used WTTB® in our infant ministry. Feel free to share how you have used them in the message box below.

Colors of Life

Colors Flash Cards are a great tool for teaching colors while speaking truth into a child’s life at the same time! Cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on a digital device.

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Explain that just as we like to celebrate our friends on their birthdays, God loves to celebrate us for who he created us to be. He likes to rejoice over us for the unique purposes we each have. As they cover their hats with colors, shapes, and sparkles, explain how God covers them with celebration and promises too.

Seeds of Life

For this activity you will need the Identity Statements Flash Cards, plastic sandwich zipper bags, damp paper towels, bean seeds (like lima beans or green beans), and an already sprouted seed or plant (or even a picture of one).

Shine Your Light

Through this exercise the children will learn the character and identity that God has knitted inside each of them—who they truly are—just waiting to be illuminated by His Spirit through them as they trust and believe in Him.

Teacher Says

This game will not only remind the children of God’s promises and the identity that He has given them through a fun game, but it will also help to build their abilities to listen for a direction and quickly obey, with positive memories and truths about themselves and God associated with that exercise.

God’s Big Family!

This is a great way to utilize even snack or meal time as a demonstration of the Father’s heart over them, and to recognize their identity as part of God’s big family!

I Am Powerful in God

This exercise will give the children an opportunity to learn how to serve and be helpful to those in need, as well as learn who it is that God says they are, no matter their age or current ability!

You Can Do It!

Through this exercise, the children will not only discover more about their God through all that He has made—including our numbers—but they will also learn their numbers and how to “draw” them, creatively!

Inside of Me

Through this exercise the children will learn about their colors, as well as the Biblical meaning and symbolism of the colors. In addition, they will learn more about their Identity of who God has made them to be, and who He will help them to grow into by His love for them.

Jesus is on the Throne

Through this activity, the children will gain a better understanding of Jesus’ role as King and Lord of their lives, and who they are to Him.

Hide & Seek

Using a large Bible or book, tuck a dozen or so flash cards into various pages throughout the book. Have the child flip through the book to find a hidden flash card. Once found, have the child repeat the identity statement allowed (Or read the statement for non-verbal children.)

Hide various flash cards throughout the room (or backyard if you’re at home) and have the child “seek” out the truth.

Act it Out!

Using removable stickers or sticky notes, assign an action on the back of each Matching Game card. (For example: jump up and down 10 times, spin in 5 circles, act out your favorite animal, sing the “happy birthday” song, etc.) Then put all the cards into a large basket or bowl. One by one have each child pull a card from the basket and have them “act out” the action on the back of the card. Once they have done it, have them read or repeat the identity statements as they place the card on the matching mat.

This same “act it out” concept can be used with any set of Flash Cards or with the Hide & Seek cards. Adding actions gives children some “energy release” while still activating their spirit man within them.

Ring the Bell!

After a truth has been read, celebrate and ring a small hand bell to further engage the child in what has been read.

HINT: In the classroom, we keep a few of these tucked behind our teaching table for easy access at any time.

Look at Me!

Use a small hand mirror to show a child their reflection while pointing out their eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc. and speaking truth over their body. The My Body Flash Cards work perfectly for this interaction.

Funny Face

After reading an identity statement aloud, make your funniest face. Then have the child make their funniest face. Keep saying statements and creating funny faces. See how many new faces you can create!

Action Words

Pick out the action words (verbs) in an identity statement. As the child repeats the statement, ask them how they would “act out” the verb in the statement. For example, “I have the tongue of the learned” could be repeated while holding onto your tongue. It sounds a little funny, but it helps us remember the importance of our words too! For younger children, you can create the actions and have them follow along.

Song and Dance

For children who love music, choose an identity statement and turn it into a simple song. Have the child help you to add motions to the song as you “perform” it together.

Another fun activation is to create a dance move for each statement (choose a 4-6 to start). Have the children learn one move to go with each statement. Once learned, turn one card over at a time and see if they can dance the right move.

Beanbag Toss

We have a box with a heart cut-out in front. (You can decorate the box however you like. A basket or plastic bin would work great too!) For verbal children, we have them repeat the identity statement on a flash card. Once they have said it, we hand them a soft beanbag that they then attempt to throw into the box. Older children love this hands-on interaction while speaking the truth out of their own mouths and into their own lives!

Bubble Blowers

For verbal children, show them a flash card and have them repeat after you the truth found on that card. For non-verbal children, simply read the card to them while showing them the image. After the truth has been read, blow a few wands of bubbles for that child to “pop” and enjoy.

HINT: We have found that small wedding favor bubbles are great for classroom use! We tuck a few bottles under our teaching table and have them readily available at any time.

Learn Your Colors

Utilize the Colors Flash Cards to teach children colors while simultaneously imparting identity and destiny into their lives. To add a hands-on element, bring in objects of the corresponding color for the child to feel and hold while reading the flash card truths.  You can also have the child “seek and find” an object in the room that matches the color on each card.

What's in Your Heart?

We use heart-shaped boxes to illustrate what we are putting inside of our “heart.” Show how our choices and attitudes can affect us by using stones and cotton balls to show the difference between a “hard” heart and a “soft” heart. We choose to fill our heart with good (truth)!

These same objects can be used while teaching the plan of Salvation using the Salvation Ministry Tools.

Bed Time

The In Utero & Infants Flash Card Bundle is perfect for bed time reading. From the very point of conception on, you can begin to speak identity and value into your little one. Fill in your child’s name for an even more personal connection between you and he or she as well as from God’s heart to theirs.

We keep a spiral-bound set of Identity Ministry Books right next to our rocking chair to be read over a child as they are being fed or falling asleep.

After baby or child has fallen asleep, we play the Identity Statements with Background Music on an iPod so that even while asleep, he or she is being ministered to in a soothing, but impactful way.

Nursery Decor & Gifts

Perhaps our favorite and most loved resource is The Father’s Blessing Prayer. Ours is laminated and hung on the wall in front of our changing table. As a child is being changed, we have this beautiful and powerful prayer right in front of us to minister to his or her spiritual needs while caring for their natural needs as well.

This along with the Wall Scriptures set are perfect for decorating a nursery or for giving as gifts! They can be laminated for durability or framed to match your decor.

PS: Don’t be surprised if as the reader is ministering to his or her child, that they are also being ministered to as their own words echo back into their own spirit man to encourage, strengthen and bring life!

How have you used Who's Teaching the Babies?® We want to know!

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