Using the Trust Flash Cards and a Special Chair (called the Throne of God), tell the children that Jesus is seated on the Throne. Begin to discuss with the children what that means by asking them questions like, “Who is the only True Judge?” “Who is the King of Heaven and Earth?” “Who Made You?” “Who Created Heaven and Earth?” “Who do the Angels Obey?” “Who is in Charge over all things (who’s the boss or leader over everyone)?” Explain to them that Jesus is seated on the Throne of God because Father God has made Jesus the King over all things and everyone, because He loved the Father and loved us all so much that He gave His life for us! Explain to them that we get to be the King’s Kids, and Jesus is the King!

Once you’ve discussed this with the children, explain to them that they are going to play a game, where someone gets to pretend to be Jesus (can be one of the kids or an adult). Have the person representing Jesus sit in the special chair–the Throne of God.

Invite the children one by one to come up to the Throne and have the person representing Jesus speak a statement from the Trust Flash Cards over the child, as if it were Jesus speaking to the child. You can even have the person representing Jesus say, “Jesus says…” if it will help them to understand the statements are coming from Jesus seated on the throne. Once each of the children have heard from the person representing Jesus, you can have another child have an opportunity to represent Jesus to the children.

When you’re done with the exercise, have the children draw a picture of what it means to them that Jesus is seated on the throne in their lives, and what it looks like to trust in Him. Have them describe their pictures to the room, and write down their explanations on the paper for their keeping. Through this activity, the children will gain a better understanding of Jesus’ role as King and Lord of their lives, and who they are to Him. Through this, they will understand how to trust Him more and more each day.

During the first three years of life, trust is established, identity is shaped and the mind developed. The Trust Flash Cards are a series of ten identity-filled flash cards focuses on trust as your child learns that they can trust their God who is 100% true and 100% good. These cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on any PDF supporting digital device.


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