Using the Numbers Flash Cards, and a variety of shaping materials like assorted color pipe cleaners, have the children learn to “draw” their numbers! Explain to the children that God is Real and seen in everything He has made, and that He made everything for a purpose! Then show them that we are going to use the pipe cleaners (sculpting materials) of their choosing to build our numbers.

You can start by asking them, “Did you know that God has a purpose for each number?” Then tell them, “Even through our numbers we can discover more about our God and even about who He has made us to be!” Then starting with the first number in the flash cards, show them the flash card and read the statements below the number— you can even have them repeat after you. Then ask them to individually build or shape that number. They can use one or a variety of colors to do it. They can even twist the pipe cleaners together…but most importantly, it’s their opportunity to try their best to figure it out! You can give tips to the children as they work if they have questions.

When they’ve finished making the number, have everyone hold up their creations to show their work! Then, repeat the process with the next number. They can either unravel their creations to begin the next number, or get more materials to continue.

Through this exercise, the children will not only discover more about their God through all that He has made—including our numbers—but they will also learn their numbers and how to “draw” them, creatively! This is a great sensory activity that will also help develop fine motor skills for young ones.

Numbers Flash Cards are a set of 10 colorful flash cards each featuring a different number (1-10). Each card has a prophetic meaning for the featured number as well as corresponding life-giving truths. Numbers Flash Cards are a great tool for teaching numbers while speaking truth into a child’s life at the same time! Cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on a digital device.


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