For this activity you will need the Identity Statements Flash Cards, plastic sandwich zipper bags, damp paper towels, bean seeds (like lima beans or green beans), and an already sprouted seed or plant (or even a picture of one).

Explain to the children that they are going to sprout a plant for food from their tiny seeds that can become a full-grown plant for food! You can begin by passing around the seeds for the children to feel and look at, and even the sprouted or full-grown plant for them to observe. Then ask them what kinds of things their seeds will need in order to grow into full, healthy plants. Once they’ve identified that the plants will need sun, water, air, and a proper growing environment; ask them what will happen to what is supposed to become a full bean plant if they do not provide these things for the plant?

Explain to them that just as God has given us seeds to plant for food and for enjoyment, He has also given us seeds within our spirit that we must see and care for in ourselves and others. Who we are now, our abilities, our gifts, our strengths are all “seeds” within us that we must care for.

You can ask the children what ways their parents care for them (love, feed and clothe them, safe home, teach them, care for them spiritually). You can also explain to them that just like their seeds, they will grow to become healthy—body, soul, and spirit—when they are faced towards the Son of God—Jesus! Even plants grow towards the sun!

Ask the children in what ways we can help one another by giving each other what we need to grow those seeds in our spirits—things like praying, blessing, loving, speaking God’s Word and Truth over them, encouraging them, and thankfully acknowledging those seeds within them to bless them.

Once the children begin to grasp that their spiritual seeds must be cared for much like their natural seeds, explain to the children that they are going to have the opportunity to grow their own bean plant that they must care for in the same way. Remind them that they must care for their natural plants to see them grow to their fullness, and that in addition, they can also care for them the same way they would care for their own spiritual seeds, too—by blessing the plant, speaking truth and identity over them, and speaking life and love over them. Then give each child a zippered sandwich bag, a damp paper towel, and 1-3 seeds.  Have them place the damp paper towel folded inside the bag, and then have them place the seeds on top of it inside the bag. They can then seal up the bags and write their names on the outside.

When they’re finished with their bags, explain to them that you are going to show them how to care for their spiritual seeds inside of them, and that they can also do this for their natural bean seeds as well when they get home. Have each child come up to the front one by one while you read one of the Identity Statements Flash Cards over them, and have them repeat it over their seed. Explain to them that they get to participate in growing not only God’s creation, but also in growing the spiritual seeds that God has placed inside each one of us! How exciting!

The Identity Statements Flash Card set includes 10 flash cards that can be printed for hands-on use or viewed on any PDF supporting digital device. Each card features real-life imagery with statements that speak directly to your child’s value, identity, character, and destiny. Fill in your child’s name for a personal connection both from reader to child as well as from God’s heart to his/hers.

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