Using the My Body Flash Cards, print out a picture of each of the aspects of the body featured on the flash cards (i.e. mind, feet, eyes, ears, hands, mouth). Tape each of the pictures to different areas of the room. Tell the children you are going to read a statement from the flash card, and they have to quickly find the part of the body that it belongs to, by going and standing next to its picture.

When they are ready to begin, read one of the statements from the first flash card aloud. Have the children quickly run to find the picture it applies to, and then stand near it in that area of the room. Once the children have decided where they are going to stand, read the statement aloud again and have them repeat after you. Then ask them, “What part of YOUR body does this belong to?” Once they answer you, encourage them by saying, “That’s right, your ____ does this!” Then have everyone give an exuberant cheer!! Continue the exercise by reading a statement from a different flash card, and having them again go and find that aspect of the body, and so on.

In this exercise the children will not only learn what each of the parts of their body were designed to do, but also that they are a part of a community of people who have the privilege of using their bodies in this way!

The My Body Flash Cards include 12 colorful flash cards each featuring an aspect of the body (mind, feet, eyes, ears, hands, mouth). Each card has first person statements of life-giving truth to be spoken aloud by child or caregiver. My Body Flash Cards are a great tool for interactive teaching while speaking truth into a child’s life at the same time! Cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on a digital device.


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