For this activity, you will need the Kingdom Character Flash Cards, and a variety of dress-up props like: heart stickers, red blanket, a bow tie, an apron, baby dolls, police hat, a toy microphone… use your imagination! You can assign (or have the children pick) which of the Kingdom Character Flash Cards they would like to be for this exercise.

Start by explaining to them that the Word of God has the power to transform us into amazing, victorious, Godly men and women! Then, explain to them that they are going to receive a Kingdom Characteristic from the Word of God that you will read over them, and then they will have to use the props to “put it on”. You can have them come up to the front one at a time to receive their Kingdom Characteristic that you will read over them from the flash card, and then they can put on the props that they select to match that quality, while the other kids watch. Have them help them to explain to everyone why they selected those props for that Kingdom Characteristic to help everyone understand more about it. Then you can introduce them to the entire class by announcing, “This is [child’s name], he (or she) is [Kingdom Character]!” Then have the whole class cheer! They can even keep on their props for the rest of the time together, calling each other by their Kingdom Character: “Loyal Beth,” or “Loving Ava.” Remind them that once they have taken off their props, they still keep that Kingdom Character inside of them.

You are courageous! You are full of God’s love! Kingdom Character Flash Cards speak directly to a child’s character in Jesus as responsible, honorable, loyal, serving, and more. Verbal children can repeat statements aloud while parents and caregivers can minister these truths to younger ones. We can speak Kingdom principles directly into a child’s destiny that are sowing seeds of truth into their very core. Cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on a digital device.


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