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There is nothing like hearing the voice of your Father God, speaking directly to you, and telling you how much He really does love you. With so many voices in the world competing for our attention, we can find ourselves tossed to and fro in one circumstance to another. Hearing and knowing the voice of our Father God is not only the key to connection with Him, but it is also our anchor in life. I can’t trust that I always have the best judgments or clear vision in every situation, whether for me or my son, but I can and must trust that my Father God is good, that He does not waiver, and that if I choose to listen to and believe what He says, I—and my son— will be well taken care of.

Having served in an inner healing ministry for a season, I quickly recognized the extreme importance of being able to hear God’s voice, by faith, and to restore and remain connected to Him. There was nothing worth losing this connection over, or allowing to come and stay between myself and my God. After experiencing and witnessing the freedom that comes with hearing Him and restoring true connection, I grew passionate to live my life this way and to share relationship with others this way.

I began practicing with my just turned 3-year-old how to hear Jesus—by sharing our hearts with Him, asking what He thought in return, and asking Him to spend time with us in whatever way He liked. I love the memory of those days as my son, Jesus, and I played games like pretending to be jellyfish, or popping imaginary bubbles, or even going through fields in our hearts picking flowers and things from the garden. Jesus would share some very intimate and heart felt things with us, even while we pretended to roast marshmallows with Him on the moon. Through all of this, my son learned that all the things we were teaching him about how good God is, and how much He wants to be with us, were actually true. He also began to learn the voice of a loving God, and that there’s no one like Him. So much so, that one day, while riding in the car with my son and not having one of my highest parenting moments, he said to me with sniffles, “I’m going to have to talk to Father God about that.” Through all of this, we learned as a family to quickly apologize while not harboring unforgiveness, and protecting connection with one another and with God.

“My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27, NRSV). This is the promise and assurance of God. If we are to be led by the Spirit of God, we must hear and know the voice of God, and be confident in that. How else will we grow and mature in our spirits if we do not grow in relationship with God, knowing His character, and hearing His voice? Whether it is spending quality time together with Jesus, making an important decision, giving counsel, or staying affirmed in who we are and who He is, we must hear and grow in hearing the voice of our Loving Father. If we can step out and trust God enough to do this for ourselves, and teach this to our children, how much different would our parenting and the lives of our children be? Spend time with God each day speaking to Him, asking Him questions, and then listening to Him to answer any way He chooses. Soak in His presence and goodness, journal with Him, and let Him reveal Himself personally to you. Consult Him before you make decisions and as you parent, and trust His answers, and that you do hear His voice. And, for your children, play games with them using their imaginations and inviting Jesus to play and participate. If they’re too young to write, have them ask a question of Father God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit, and then draw His answer. A picture is worth 1000 words, and these memories will impact you and your children in such a meaningful and powerful way.


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