by Nikevia Lebron

by Nikevia Lebron

Wife, praise maker, cinnamon roll baker, and super mommy of 3.

Hello everyone! My name is Nikevia Lebron and I am a wife, mother, and minister. Thinking back to early childhood I used to tell my mom that I couldn’t wait to grow up and be a grandmother. She’d laugh and say, “You have to be a mother first,” but in my mind my grandmother was the best! She had lots of grandchildren and that’s what I wanted—to have lots of children around me and to love on them, just like my grandmother. As I grew older and began to think about my life and career journey, all I ever could pinpoint as a desire of my heart was to do ministry and be a wife and mother. So here I am on this journey of parenthood just like the rest of you. I pray that you are blessed by what Holy Spirit shares and reveals to me in my daily walk of life as a parent. Love and goldfish crackers, Nikevia

On August 1st, 2017, my husband and I miscarried and experienced the most unexplainable and painful hurt of losing a child. Going to the doctor for our confirmation appointment and never getting to see and hear a heartbeat was incomprehensible, especially after two healthy pregnancies. In hopes to find comfort in our loss, my husband and I prayed and asked Holy Spirit to reveal to us the gender of the baby since it was too early to determine by sonogram. God is so kind and loving and revealed to us that the baby was a girl; we named her Journey Elyse. Our family gathered for a private service to honor her life and for Mommy and Daddy to find peace in releasing her to her heavenly assignment.

While our two-year toddler and now one-year old twins were around these events, we never sat down with our boys to discuss what had happened or to explain to them that they now had a sister in heaven. I guess we thought this would be a conversation that we’d have years down the road when the boys were older and could really understand the situation.

Recently, however, my husband was taking a load of laundry out of the washer and putting it into the dryer. Judah, our toddler, insisted on helping. As my husband handed him the items, he kept saying “Thank you, sister!” My husband and I looked at each other with puzzled faces and asked him what he said. Again, he repeated with confidence, “Thank you, sister”. He now has our FULL attention. I bent down and looked at Judah in the eye and asked him if he knew that he had a sister? With excitement and a big smile on his face he replied, “YES, SHE’S AN ANGEL!  SHE LIVES AT THE ANGEL HOUSE WITH JESUS!” Now, I know that our daughter did not become a literal angel in her transition into eternity, however, she is a daughter in the Fathers house. I knew the expression my son was making at the tender age of two.  With tears in my eyes I tell him that he is correct, that he does have a sister who lives with Jesus. We continue our conversation and I tell him that his sister’s name is Journey and he tells me that Journey is a worshipper, but also goes to the playground in heaven sometimes. Talk about being left speechless and overwhelmed!!!

As if this moment were not enough, when we put Judah to bed that night he told us that there were angels in his room and he pointed out where they were and explained to us that the angels live in the sky with Jesus. As a parent, I must say I was a little envious that my son was having this heavenly visitation and I could not see what he was seeing.  More importantly, however, I was amazed at seeing the giftings in this small, innocent child being stirred and coming forth at the sweet age of two.

For those of you who have miscarried, experienced a stillborn birth, infant loss, or simply the loss of a child, find comfort in knowing that your child, “lives at the angel house with Jesus.” Just perhaps the Lord wanted to use a two-year-old to remind you of that truth. Though there may be hurt and pain, there is greater comfort and peace in knowing that our children are with the Father. If you have miscarried in the early stages before finding out whether you were going to have a boy or girl, I encourage you to ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you who your child is and name that child. Give it life because the truth is that he or she has entered into that glorious eternal life. I promise that there is great healing in naming and giving life to what was loss.

And for those of you who have children in your home, I pray that this experience encourages you to think about the gifting and calling on your child’s life; think about how you as a parent can create an environment and atmosphere in your home to help to nurture, develop and foster that gift. We have such great ability to help our children to find and be aware of their giftings and to be confident in them. As a worship leader, we spend a lot of time in our home singing and praising God, but I also know that there is a prophetic anointing on Judah’s life and a passion for music. Therefore, I am always speaking into that area of his life. When he sings and dances, I tell him that he is a mighty worshipper!!! Often he will randomly start singing and he’ll say, “Hey Mommy!  I’m a worshipper!” I don’t say this to praise my parenting, surely God can bring forth a gift in a child whenever and however He pleases. What I am saying is what a great honor it is as parents to have the ability to lead and guide our children, to be a key tool to helping them to become the man and woman of God that they were designed to be. Every time I think about this priceless moment, I still find it hard to find the words to say, except, “WOW!” I do know though that this moment wasn’t just to bless my husband and I—it was to reach many and bring comfort and encouragement to them as well. Be blessed!


  1. Teri Young

    This is a beautiful testimony, Nikevia. Thank you for using your talents to share your heart and encourage others!

    • Nikevia

      Thank you so much! This is what life is all about. Blessing and helping others and sharing His love <3

  2. Kiarah Guice

    Love, love, love! ❤️

    • Nikevia

      Thanks hun <3

  3. Shante Awuah


  4. Shantel H.


  5. Holly

    This was beautiful my friend. I love you ❤️

  6. Shirley Thurston

    What a heartfelt gift that you continue to give us with your gifts and talents , thanks for sharing the goodness of God and the faith that you have

  7. Dominique

    Congrats!!! I remember you from highschool, you were always involved in school curriculums and very bright and beautiful glad to see you happy and enjoying the mommy thing you always were positive and ambitious wish you the best of luck on Your journey.

  8. Susan Greig

    Blessed, indeed, as is your toddler. This isn’t the first time I have heard of angels visiting toddlers or angels helping out toddlers in times of need. They are joyful to speak of this and I praise Him who sent this little guy special blessings! PTL

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