Using the Trinity Flash Cards, some paper, and crayons or other drawing materials, have each of the children spend time drawing Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit—what He might look like, what He might do, or what He might want them to know. You can have them draw each member of the Godhead one at a time on separate sheets of paper.

To begin, first ask the children who God is. For example, “Do you know who your Father God is?” Wait for the responses of the children—they will definitely surprise you! Then, tell the children, “We are going to spend time with God today, and let Him show us who He is to us through a picture.” Pray with the children to ask the member of the Godhead to show each of them who He is—what He might look like, do, or how He would like to be known to them right now. Give the children a moment or two with their eyes closed to wait on Him. Then, have them begin to draw what God shows them. (If they have difficulty, just ask them simple questions like, “What do you think God is doing right now?” “How does He feel about you?” “What is He wearing this morning?” “What makes His Heart Happy?”)

Once they finish their drawing of that member of the Godhead, read to them from the Trinity Flash Cards pertaining to that member of the Godhead, telling them that this is who their God is to them!

Go around the room and have the children begin to describe their drawings—you can even have them come up to the front of the class so everyone can see. After they are done, you can then pray and have them begin to draw the next member of the Godhead, reading that Flash Card when they are done, and having them again describe their drawings to the class.

Through this exercise, the children will learn to engage with who each member of the Godhead is to them, personally, and learn to trust God in this way! They can take the pictures home and hang them up to remind them of who God is personally to them!

The Trinity Flash Cards: Who is the Father God? Who is Jesus? Who is Holy Spirit? This set of 10 flash cards focuses on the characteristics of each member of the Godhead. This set is unique in that it is designed specifically in black, white and red as Science has shown that babies up to nine months old are best able to receive these colors. Cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on a digital device.


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