Using the Trust Flash Cards, have the children prepare to build or create something. For example, you can have them create something with various Legos, various colors of modeling clay, large marshmallows and stick pretzels, or they can even create a healthy trail mix.

Keeping their supplies in separate containers to eventually be distributed to them, show them in advance an example of the finished work. Before handing them each of the supplies, ask them, “What will we need to build (create) this?” As the children answer, you can then ask them, “Who needs a ____.” (fill in the blank with one of the items you chose to build with). When the children raise their hands, remind them that Father God is a good, heavenly Father and provides for their needs joyfully.

Next, have them repeat after you one of the statements on the flash card and then give each child that item. Do this process again with the next item needed to build their creation, until they have everything they need to create their creation.

This exercise will reinforce to the children who their Father God is, how He hears their prayers, how all good things come from Him, and how He delights in meeting all their needs. This will develop trust in their hearts for their God. You can even have the children take turns in pretending to be Father God and have the children ask that child for what they need.

During the first three years of life, trust is established, identity is shaped and the mind developed. This series of ten identity-filled flash cards focuses on trust as your child learns that they can trust their God who is 100% true and 100% good. These cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on any PDF supporting digital device.


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