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Catch a glimpse of where WTTB® began and where it is still in use today impacting little lives from the very start! These are just a few of the ways that we have put these principles and materials to use for over 20 years in our own infant & toddler ministry.

Low-Height Table & Chairs

This low-height custom table and chairs is perfect for toddlers as it keeps a classroom structure and allows teachers to engage with little ones at their own level.

Eye-Level Flash Cards

We hang laminated flash cards at adult eye-level around the room. When a nursery worker is ministering to a child one-on-one, they can walk around the room and read the identity statements right at eye height.

Behind the Teacher

Behind our teacher’s table we keep regularly used items on a shelf beneath the table always ready for a teacher to grab. We have prepared lesson boxes labeled in the corner and all Who’s Teaching the Babies?® curriculum materials right at hand in an organized plastic bin.

Station

Our “Sign-in Station” is kept right by the classroom door and is where parents “sign-in” their child for nursery before each service. Every parent is assigned a call number should they need to attend to their child at any point. We also have all of our new parent and child information forms in a file bin always at hand for new parents and children.


Object Lesson Baskets

These shelves with pull-out baskets are great for quick teacher access at any time. This is where we keep interactive objects that we utilize while ministering identity and purpose to toddlers and small children. For example: we have a small tool box with plastic tools that can be used while ministering to children’s abilities, talents, and purpose. We keep plastic fruit on hand for teaching the fruit of the spirit. Small people figures can be used to demonstrate compassion. The possibilities are endless!


Curriculum Bin

We use labeled Ziplock bags in a locking plastic bin to keep each set of curriculum (i.e. flash cards, matching games, paper dolls, etc.) in order. This is important when multiple teachers use the same classroom.


Identity Ministry Books

Our Identity Ministry Books are spiral bound and kept in a basket on the floor next to a rocking chair. This is convenient for when a nursery minister is rocking a restless child, bottle feeding, or holding a sleeping infant.

Changing Table Wall Hangings

The Father’s Blessing Prayer and other flash cards are hung in front of the changing table so that nursery ministers can read identity statements and prayers over a child during changing time. TIP: We use a removable wall putty to hang laminated flash cards on walls. This saves wall paint from being damaged and allows us to change the order of flash cards at any time.

Hide & Seek Cards

We use binder clips to keep our Hide & Seek card sets together and kept in a plastic basket ready to use by any teacher.

Jesus Picture & Salvation Ministry Tools

It is a good idea to have a picture of Jesus in the classroom as even babies come to recognize Jesus as His character and love for them is ministered to them. This is also a great addition to the Salvation Ministry Tool set which is perfect for leading young ones through the plan of salvation.

Who Will You Let In Your House?

This small doll house is a great illustration of the choices that we have (yes, even at the youngest age) of what we will allow inside of us. We can make the choice to allow fear to live inside of us, or to send fear packing and embrace perfect love. We can accept anger and lies or trade them for joy and truth. Using little people figures and this house that opens and closes, we can teach even the smallest children the choices that they have to say “no” to ugly attitudes and actions and “yes” to the things of God.

Is Your Heart Hard or Soft?

Using some heart-shaped objects (we have a plastic heart container with a lid and a small plush heart), you can show children how sin can make our heart hard and cold (like the rocks we put in the heart dish) or how we can choose to turn to Jesus and allow Him to wash us clean again and make our heart soft to receive the good things that He has for us.

Treasure Chest

Use small objects for some hands-on fun while using curriculum elements to teach truth. We have a small treasure chest that opens and close that is perfect for tucking Matching Game cards inside as each child learns the treasures that God has placed within them. Adding tangible elements makes the possibilities endless for creating lessons or for spontaneous ministry.

Customize for Your Ministry

Through the years, we have found the classroom structure that works for us. What’s great is that these tools give you everything you need to start and from there, the sky’s the limit! Experiment on what works for your ministry and God bless you in this important work of ministering to each child…one at a time!

Revolutionary resources created to establish and affirm a child’s unique identity and purpose.


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Identity Statements

Identity Statements

Throughout over 30 years of ministering identity and destiny to children, we have put together many prayers, identity statements, and tools to empower and speak truth into precious young lives. Here we have the privilege of being able to offer some of these resources just for YOU to minister life in your very own home.

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