The Foundational Years Audio Teaching by Founder, Dr. Melodye Hilton




“Often church nurseries are more like entertainment centers and baby-sitting rooms, and the real Scriptural training and ministry is relegated to a later time when children reach an age where they can talk. However, this is not ministering to the deep need inside of children to know who they are in Christ and that they have been planned and purposed for such a time as this. It has been proven scientifically through research that 75% of a child’s personality is developed by the age of three. In just the first six months of life, the human brain has already grown to half of its adult size. This is the key time to pour into children! Also, trust is established in the first three years of life, along with identity, and the ability to establish boundaries and handle stress. The foundation for a rich emotional life is laid early in a baby’s life, as well as the spiritual foundation. When we wait until children are older to minister to them their identity as children of God and their destinies and purposes in His Kingdom, we are missing out on a huge window of opportunity to help shape and mold them into who God has called them to be. From observing the neglect and misunderstanding in the realm of infant ministry in the church, and the cry to arise and reach out to the churches of the world, we were compelled to prepare this newly revised and expanded baby curriculum to activate, teach, and impart into babies from birth, preparing them to fulfill their destinies.

This is a powerful, life-changing ministry; we’ve seen the impact it has made in our own church body and other ministries as well as in the nations of the world. God is just looking for willing vessels—instruments of justice—with His heart for a generation. Anyone with a servant’s heart can minister powerfully and confidently to babies from birth, imparting Biblical foundational truths, identity, and destiny into their hearts. These seeds will produce much life-giving fruit. Just as a baby’s natural body needs nourishment through natural food, a baby also needs emotional and spiritual food to nourish and strengthen his spirit and his soul. A baby can’t feed himself, but will eagerly receive what we offer to him as spiritual food. Today, more than ever before, babies need a firm foundation of Bible truth, the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit, a personal experience of God’s consuming love, and the knowledge that their identity is found in Christ alone who has overcome the world!”

-Dr. Melodye Hilton


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