by Nikevia Lebron

by Nikevia Lebron

Wife, praise maker, cinnamon roll baker, and super mommy of 3.

Hello everyone!

My name is Nikevia Lebron and I am a wife, mother, and minister. Thinking back to early childhood I used to tell my mom that I couldn’t wait to grow up and be a grandmother. She’d laugh and say, “You have to be a mother first,” but in my mind my grandmother was the best! She had lots of grandchildren and that’s what I wanted—to have lots of children around me and to love on them, just like my grandmother. As I grew older and began to think about my life and career journey, all I ever could pinpoint as a desire of my heart was to do ministry and be a wife and mother. So here I am on this journey of parenthood just like the rest of you. I pray that you are blessed by what Holy Spirit shares and reveals to me in my daily walk of life as a parent.

Love and goldfish crackers,


Before we can tell our children not to “eat from the dirt pile,” we must edify and build ourselves up with the truths and promises of His word so that we can in turn speak those same truths and promises over our seed.

Don’t Eat from the Dirt Pile

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After each meal as I take the twins down from their high chairs, I find lots of food that missed their mouths and is hidden down in their seats or thrown on the floor. To clean up, I brush out all the food onto the floor and grab the broom to sweep it up. It NEVERS FAILS; the twins rush in to eat the food out of the dirt pile… For a while there, each time I’d get frustrated and say to them “DON’T EAT FROM THE DIRT PILE,” thinking to myself why eat off the floor when I’ve nicely placed your meal before you on your high chair tray?

Then one day, as I was sweeping up the mess and saying my normal,“don’t eat from the dirt pile” comment, I heard the Lord say, “Yes, don’t eat from the dirt pile.” I quickly stopped to listen to see what Abba wanted to instruct and this is what I felt like the Lord was impressing upon my heart. As parents we tend to be so hard on ourselves; we compare ourselves and our children to others. We can at times be critical of our parenting skills, and let’s be honest—sometimes we can find ourselves in an emotional meltdown. In these weak moments, we oftentimes tend to listen to the whispers of the enemy and begin to entertain and accept those lies that are straight from the pits of hell instead of immediately casting them down. We begin to eat from the dirt pile.

I’ve been through Bible college, a business degree, and graduate school and none of that schooling and training compares to the journey of parenthood. It is one of life’s most beautiful opportunities, but it is not a cake walk. Before we can tell our children not to, “eat from the dirt pile,” we must edify and build ourselves up with the truths and promises of His word so that we can, in turn, speak those same truths and promises over our seed. You are an amazing parent! You are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image; therefore, your parenting is a reflection of Christ.

I invite you today to come up higher and take a seat in your high chair with Jesus in heavenly places. Come up and feast on what He has prepared for you. Align your thoughts with His spoken truth about you and your family and choose not to lower yourself to eat from that dirt pile ever again.

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