Don’t Eat from the Dirt Pile

After each meal as I take the twins down from their high chairs I find lots of food that missed their mouths and is hidden down in their seats or thrown on the floor. To clean up, I brush out all the food onto the floor and grab the broom to sweep it up. It NEVERS FAILS; the twins rush in to eat the food out of the dirt pile… For a while there, each time I’d get frustrated and say to them “DON’T EAT FROM THE DIRT PILE...

Good Morning, Jesus

In a perfect world, my day would start with me rising before my husband to prepare for him a hot breakfast to have before work, us sitting down for a morning devotion, kissing him goodbye and then enjoying quiet time with the Father before the children wake up. NEWSFLASH!!! My mornings are more like this...

Don’t Go It Alone

In our children’s ministry, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves praying for a sports injury or a brother or sister who’s home sick with a tummy ache. We teach our kids that God heals and they believe it because they’ve seen or experienced healing in their own lives and families.

Raising Trustworthy Children

Every good parent or caregiver wants to raise their children to be honest, mature, and caring. This post will help you to teach your children the power of building trust and empower them to be the most trustworthy, powerful, and responsible choice makers that they can be.

The Joy of Being Like a Child

Have you ever watched your kids in amazement at their desire to find joy in any situation? It doesn’t matter if it’s a visit to the doctor’s office, a trip to the furniture store, waiting in an extremely long line, or sitting through a lesson on adjectives—our kids can find a way to find joy in the moment.

The Light Within Us

What do you do when you see someone you love, or even your child, go through something that seems to affect their very vision of themselves, and life? What do you say? What if it continues and there seems to be no end in sight?

Praying for Your Kids

Every parent understands the kids’ bedtime extravaganza. Night after night, what you think has the potential to be a brief bedtime routine, quickly turns into… an extravaganza. Somehow the energy levels, excitement, questions, special bed-time requests, water needs, trips to the bathroom, and conversations all come to a peak at bedtime.


Easter is quickly approaching this week, where we prepare our hearts for remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, as well as His resurrection that assures our hope in Him. As we rejoice in that hope, we also rejoice that we get to be a part of the celebration, and remember that His Good News is for all that would receive Him.

Powerful Parenting

Do you feel powerful or powerless as a parent? What about any other role where God has called you to serve? It doesn’t take long visiting social media websites, or talking with other parents at our kids’ schools and sporting events, to notice that in a lot of ways, parents today can feel easily overwhelmed—or powerless.

How Do You “Teach” Motivation?

If you’re a “Type-A personality” like myself, with an oldest child mentality to boot, you understand the dilemma I often face in my mind. Whether in the workplace, in friendships, counseling others, family matters, or raising your kids, the question arises of, “What motivates others?”

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