As parents, grandparents, and caregivers our focus is on taking care of the well being of the little ones we love. With all of life’s demands, at times it can seem like all of our energy is consumed simply by making sure everyone is fed, clothed, healthy, safe and well…alive. In the meantime we are also making our best efforts to raise mature, well-rounded, successful human beings who know the difference between right and wrong and who not only know how to make right choices, but who actually make them.

Any parent would tell you that it is no easy feat to care for one child, let alone multiples. As we take life one day at a time and do our very best along the way, we must also recognize that as awesome as we may ever become at answering the tricky questions, preventing (or cleaning up) disasters, or finally nailing that perfect schedule or routine, at the end of the day, we still need help. The Bible says to, “Point your kids in the right direction [so that] when they’re old they won’t be lost.” (Proverbs 22:6, The Message) We can take care of our kids’ natural needs and set them up for success in every physical way, which is good and necessary. What cannot be overshadowed, however, is that while their little bodies and brains are developing, their spirit is alive and well too! We know that Scientifically through the first three years of life, the foundation for how a person will see their own life and view the world is already being solidified within them–FROM DAY ONE!

So how do we, as parents, invest into the very hearts–identity, purpose, emotional health, ability to trust and discern truth–of our children in a practical way? That’s why we’re here. Take a look below at just some of the ways that you can begin or continue to develop a culture of inner security, safety, courage, and validation in your home and in the very lives of the most precious treasures in your life.

Make it Your Normal

Just like we encourage positive language and behavior from our kids, we can make the Word of God a part of our “normal” every day lives too. Just as you may focus on practicing the importance of having good manners or expressing gratitude, begin to communicate what God says about the people in your home. Make it a family habit to only see and say what God sees about the valuable individuals surrounding you. As you do this and it becomes more of a natural part of your communication style, you will notice how the environment changes and how those in it begin to respond to their God-given identity and purpose.


Be Practical about It

Incorportate identity statements into what you already do.

Read a few flash cards as part of meal time or bed time prayers.

Hang them on the fridge as a reminder to feed your family’s hearts as you also feed their bodies.

Place them on mirrors or bathroom walls so that as your family sees themselves, they are reminded of how God sees them too.

Whatever you do in a practical sense, think of simple ways to incorporate the TRUTH!

Go Virtual

In our day and age of tech-savvy toddlers, you can take the Truth mobile too! Many of our products (flash cards, wall hangings) can be viewed digitally on any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Load up the God’s Creation Flash Cards and swipe through colorful and vibrant animal photos while you read the identity statements over them that speak right to the heart of who God created them to be.

Click here for instructions on how to download files to your digital device.

Make it Fun!

Especially if you’ve got busy little ones running around, make the Truth fun and interactive. We’ve got an ever-expanding library of hands-on, creative ways to help you enjoy your play times while still investing into them by speaking life.

See some of these fun ideas below, or click here for a full listing.

Saturate the Atmosphere

Make your home a place where the very airwaves are saturated with the love and truth of God’s Word. We’ve created an audio resource where identity statements are being read to soothing background music. This is great for bed time, in the car, or even during play! We’ve heard and witnessed how simply playing these truths in the background of a room can shift the moods and behaviors of children within mere moments. Wow!

Take Truth with You

Activity sets like Matching Games and Paper Dolls are perfect for travel! Once printed and laminated, these durable, easily portable activities all fit into a tote or diaper bag ready for truth-filled fun at any time.

Here are some more fun ideas for bringing truth to life in your home!

Colors of Life

Colors Flash Cards are a great tool for teaching colors while speaking truth into a child’s life at the same time! Cards can be printed and laminated for hands-on use or viewed on a digital device.

It’s Time to Celebrate!

Explain that just as we like to celebrate our friends on their birthdays, God loves to celebrate us for who he created us to be. He likes to rejoice over us for the unique purposes we each have. As they cover their hats with colors, shapes, and sparkles, explain how God covers them with celebration and promises too.

Seeds of Life

For this activity you will need the Identity Statements Flash Cards, plastic sandwich zipper bags, damp paper towels, bean seeds (like lima beans or green beans), and an already sprouted seed or plant (or even a picture of one).

Shine Your Light

Through this exercise the children will learn the character and identity that God has knitted inside each of them—who they truly are—just waiting to be illuminated by His Spirit through them as they trust and believe in Him.

Teacher Says

This game will not only remind the children of God’s promises and the identity that He has given them through a fun game, but it will also help to build their abilities to listen for a direction and quickly obey, with positive memories and truths about themselves and God associated with that exercise.

God’s Big Family!

This is a great way to utilize even snack or meal time as a demonstration of the Father’s heart over them, and to recognize their identity as part of God’s big family!

I Am Powerful in God

This exercise will give the children an opportunity to learn how to serve and be helpful to those in need, as well as learn who it is that God says they are, no matter their age or current ability!

You Can Do It!

Through this exercise, the children will not only discover more about their God through all that He has made—including our numbers—but they will also learn their numbers and how to “draw” them, creatively!

Inside of Me

Through this exercise the children will learn about their colors, as well as the Biblical meaning and symbolism of the colors. In addition, they will learn more about their Identity of who God has made them to be, and who He will help them to grow into by His love for them.

Jesus is on the Throne

Through this activity, the children will gain a better understanding of Jesus’ role as King and Lord of their lives, and who they are to Him.

Find the Truth

Through this activity the children will learn not only the Truth about them and their God, and associate that with positive memories, but also they will learn to go and find out the Truth of who they are and Who their God is!

Be a Blessing!

Using the Father’s Blessing Wall Hanging, and a baby doll, explain to the children that our God is a God of Blessing!

The Word of God Transforms Me

Start by explaining to them that the Word of God has the power to transform us into amazing, victorious, Godly men and women!

I Will Trust in You

To begin, first ask the children who God is. For example, “Do you know who your Father God is?” Wait for the responses of the children—they will definitely surprise you!

Trusting God’s Ways

Using the Trust Flash Cards, explain to the children that we must trust God and His ways, and we must also be trustworthy as we follow Him!

Made to Bless

Using the Kingdom Character Flash Cards, and a variety of props such as blocks, dolls, modeling clay, crayons and paper, etc., tell the children that our friends need our help!

Doers of the Word

Using the set of Wall Scriptures, and a special mat, platform, or step to represent a stage, have the children one by one come up and stand “on stage” to act out one of the Scriptures from the Wall Scriptures set, to demonstrate to the other children.

Wonderfully Made to do Wonderful Works

In this exercise the children will not only learn what each of the parts of their body were designed to do, but also that they are a part of a community of people who have the privilege of using their bodies in this way!

All Good Things Come From Him!

This exercise will reinforce to the children who their Father God is, how He hears their prayers, how all good things come from Him, and how He delights in meeting all their needs.

I Spy With My Little Eye

Using the Identity Statement Flash Card set and a mirror, have the children one by one look into the mirror and repeat after you a statement from a flash card.

Seek & Find

Using the Color Flash Cards, have the children go on a seek and find mission to discover all the items in the space of the color you call out from the flash card. Once the children point out all the items they can find of that color, read the flash card and have them...

My God Is

Using the Trinity Flash Cards and your favorite kids' worship songs, have the kids dance to the music! Then, pause the music, have all the kids freeze, and say the title of the flash card followed by one the of attributes of that member of the Trinity, having the...

Treasures Inside Me

The exercise will help to solidify to the truth of who each child is and the blessings or treasures of God that they carry inside of them, just waiting to be released!

Capture Your Godly Thoughts!

Using the Protection, Safety, and Identity Flash Cards and a bottle of bubbles, have the children learn to capture Godly thoughts!

My Body Has a Purpose!

My Body Flash Cards are a great tool for interactive teaching while speaking truth into a child’s life at the same time!


Using a cape (could also use a small blanket, sweatshirt, or cloth tied around their shoulders or tucked into the back of their shirt collar), a flashlight, and the Kingdom Destiny Flash Cards, give each child the opportunity to be a superhero to help the other children in need.

Kings & Priests

Using the Father’s Blessing Prayer Card, a paper or toy crown (which you can have the children make ahead of time for fun), and some stickers, speak the Father’s Blessing Prayer over each child one by one.

Who Am I?

Using the Identity Matching Cards, hand each card out to each of the children. Then, have them each take a turn discovering who they are by having them step up to the front of the room and announce what is on their card to everyone (repeating after you). For example, “I am Full of Faith,” “I am full of Joy!” Then have everyone in the room cheer after their announcement!

Leap of Faith

Using the Trust Flash Cards, set up an area of the room either using a soft mat, pillows, bean bag chair, or something similar. Have the children one at at time leap onto the area while everyone applauds and celebrates their leap. Then read one of the Trust Flash Cards aloud and have that child repeat after you.

Clay Creations

Using the God’s Creation Flash Cards and several colors of modeling clay, have your little ones make their own creations based on each of the animals listed in the flash cards. As you select a card for your little ones to make their creations, read aloud the life-giving truth associated with that card and have them repeat after you.

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