Who’s Teaching the Babies?® is a revolutionary resource created to establish and affirm a child’s unique identity and purpose. It’s fun, colorful, hands on, and packed with nothing less than absolute truth!

Why begin so young?

The first three foundational years of life are proven to be the most critical time to establish trust, identity, personality, and the development of the mind. Who’s Teaching the Babies?® was birthed with the heart to see each child firmly established in these areas as well as to lay a firm foundation of Biblical truth, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a personal experience with God’s love, and the knowledge that identity is found only in Christ.

From The Start

We have recognized the life-empowering results of teaching babies in the most crucial and foundational window of opportunity—conception through three years. The experiences, interactions, social connections, and words received during this once-in-a-lifetime developmental stage build the framework for a child’s future.

The Science

A baby’s brain has twice as many neuron connections as an adult and will grow to half the size of an adult’s brain by six months old. These and many other proven scientific facts are evidence that the beginning years of life are the most crucial of all developmental stages.

Establishing Trust

The more trusted relationships in an infant or toddler’s life, the more rapidly trust is established. “Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast. From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God.” (Psalm 22:9, NIV)

Perfect for churches, daycare centers and caretakers!

Perfect for churches, daycares and caretakers, WTTB® includes everything you need to start teaching, training, and activating immediately—regardless of your present level of infant and toddler ministry. WTTB® contains not only the tools needed to stir vision for infant ministry, but also to train teachers, helpers, and even parents!

Included are five CDs of downloadable and printable curriculum, along with instructions for infant one-on-one ministry through classroom level teaching.

Upon the completion of printing and assembly, no teacher preparation is needed to establish a holistic foundation—one baby at a time—that will last a lifetime!


Fantastic resource for parents, grandparents and anyone with or working with children. Makes the perfect gift too!

Equipping tools for parents, grandparents, or any caregiver with a heart to release supernatural genius!

There is no better place to establish the foundational reason for being, than at the beginning—conception. Infants can’t feed themselves, but will eagerly receive what we offer to them in spiritual food. Today, more than ever before, babies need a firm foundation of their identity in Christ.

The first three years are the establishing foundational years for trust, identity, personality, and the development of the mind. The older baby will be able to learn colors, numbers, and animals while hearing powerful identity statements and prophetic decrees. Even before babies talk they are understanding; when they can articulate the words, you’ll discover the Word of God spoken from their mouths.

Make the most of this window of opportunity!