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 Did you know?

An infant’s brain begins to form just three weeks after conception. During this time, trillions of neurons are produced, reaching a lifetime high before birth. Connections between cells in the brain are rapidly developed, with memory beginning at only four months in utero.

 Did you know?

A baby’s brain has twice as many neuron connections as an adult and will grow to half the size of an adult’s brain by six months old. These most crucial developmental stages prove scientifically to be the foundational launching point for a human being’s entire life.

Did you know?

Not only are personality and intellect shaped during the foundational stages of life, but also habitual thought patterns, identity, emotional health, and the ability to trust. The more trusted relationships in an infant or toddler’s life, the more rapidly trust is established.


The first three foundational years of life are proven to be the most critical time to establish trust, identity, personality, and the development of the mind. Who’s Teaching the Babies?® was birthed with the heart to see each child firmly established in these areas as well as to lay a firm foundation of Biblical truth, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, a personal experience with God’s love, and the knowledge that identity is found only in Christ.


We have recognized the life-empowering results of teaching babies in the most crucial and foundational window of opportunity—conception through three years. The experiences, interactions, social connections, and words received during this once-in-a-lifetime developmental stage build the framework for a child’s future.


Each card features real-life imagery with statements that speak directly to your child’s value, identity, character, and destiny. Flash cards can be printed, laminated, framed, or viewed on a digital device!

How does it work in a classroom?

Unlike most children’s curriculum that follows a week-by-week lesson plan, all of our resources are designed in such a way that any tool can be used at any time and in countless ways. To jump start your own creativity, we are constantly adding new ideas on how to minister identity and destiny in fun and interactive ways HERE.

How does it work at home?

In the midst of busy every day lives, how do we care for our children’s physical needs and their spiritual needs? We’ve put together some simple, practical ways to take what you are already doing and super charge it by making it a part of your household culture and lifestyle to speak life & truth into your precious treasures. CLICK HERE.

Wonderfully Made to do Wonderful Works

In this exercise the children will not only learn what each of the parts of their body were designed to do, but also that they are a part of a community of people who have the privilege of using their bodies in this way!
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All Good Things Come From Him!

This exercise will reinforce to the children who their Father God is, how He hears their prayers, how all good things come from Him, and how He delights in meeting all their needs.
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I Spy With My Little Eye

Using the Identity Statement Flash Card set and a mirror, have the children one by one look into the mirror and repeat after you a statement from a flash card.
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Seek & Find

Using the Color Flash Cards, have the children go on a seek and find mission to discover all the items in the space of the color you call out from the flash card. Once the children point out all the items they can find of that color, read the flash card and have them...
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My God Is

Using the Trinity Flash Cards and your favorite kids' worship songs, have the kids dance to the music! Then, pause the music, have all the kids freeze, and say the title of the flash card followed by one the of attributes of that member of the Trinity, having the...
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Treasures Inside Me

The exercise will help to solidify to the truth of who each child is and the blessings or treasures of God that they carry inside of them, just waiting to be released!
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Capture Your Godly Thoughts!

Using the Protection, Safety, and Identity Flash Cards and a bottle of bubbles, have the children learn to capture Godly thoughts!
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My Body Has a Purpose!

My Body Flash Cards are a great tool for interactive teaching while speaking truth into a child’s life at the same time!
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Using a cape (could also use a small blanket, sweatshirt, or cloth tied around their shoulders or tucked into the back of their shirt collar), a flashlight, and the Kingdom Destiny Flash Cards, give each child the opportunity to be a superhero to help the other children in need.
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Kings & Priests

Using the Father's Blessing Prayer Card, a paper or toy crown (which you can have the children make ahead of time for fun), and some stickers, speak the Father's Blessing Prayer over each child one by one.
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Who Am I?

Using the Identity Matching Cards, hand each card out to each of the children. Then, have them each take a turn discovering who they are by having them step up to the front of the room and announce what is on their card to everyone (repeating after you). For example, "I am Full of Faith," "I am full of Joy!" Then have everyone in the room cheer after their announcement!
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Leap of Faith

Using the Trust Flash Cards, set up an area of the room either using a soft mat, pillows, bean bag chair, or something similar. Have the children one at at time leap onto the area while everyone applauds and celebrates their leap. Then read one of the Trust Flash Cards aloud and have that child repeat after you. The activity then moves on to the next child. The children will learn to associate positive feelings and emotions, as well as action, with trusting God.
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Clay Creations

Using the God’s Creation Flash Cards and several colors of modeling clay, have your little ones make their own creations based on each of the animals listed in the flash cards. As you select a card for your little ones to make their creations, read aloud the life-giving truth associated with that card and have them repeat after you. They will begin to see how Father God formed and shaped each one of His creations, while speaking life, love, and truth into the clay.
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Show and Tell

Using the Identity Matching cards, speak each identity statement over the child or group of children, have them repeat it, and then ask the question, "What does a ____ do?" For example, using the Identity Statement, "I am a leader" or "I am a giver," after the child repeats the identity statement, ask them, "What does a leader do?" or “What does a giver do?”
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Kingdom Character Compliments

The words we speak and the words we allow to attach to or “label” our identities are powerful in affecting how we live our lives. The only words that should characterize our identities in Christ are words of Kingdom qualities and truth.
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A Look Inside Our Nursery

Catch a glimpse of where WTTB® began and where it is still in use today impacting little lives from the very start! These are just a few of the ways that we have put these principles and materials to use for over 20 years in our own infant & toddler ministry.
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Instructions for Downloading & Viewing Files from a Mobile Device

Many of our products can be viewed digitally right on your mobile device! Here's instructions on how to do it.
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What if I’m just starting a children’s ministry?

If you’re just getting started with your infant and/or toddler ministry, it may seem like a daunting task. The good thing is, we’ve done this before and we’re here to help!

Check out THIS PAGE which should serve as a great help to you at this stage!

Where do I begin?

Who’s Teaching the Babies?® resources are available starting at just $4.99. All sets stand alone and can be purchased in an instantly deliverable format, which means that you will receive the download link via email just moments after you buy. Items can then be printed and laminated (DIY or use any commercial printing service). Many sets can also be viewed on mobile devices. The full catalog of resources is also available on CD-ROM.

Shop the store and get started now!

2 Timothy 3:15, “And how from infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)


Developing Empathy

As a parent, have you ever taken the time to sit and observe the interactions of your child with other children? We often spend time in their early years observing their play to make sure they don’t bite anyone or scale a bookcase, and also to help them learn how to “give Johnny a turn” and say “please” for that toy train they just grabbed.

Praise and Encouragement

One parenting style that has become increasingly popular in our culture, is that of praise. In fact, the concern over a child’s self-esteem has become so great, that praise is quickly becoming the child development focus and primary discipline method.

Does it Bear Good Fruit?

While many Christians choose to send their children to a Christian school so that they can be protected from temptations and be among people that do not contest their own beliefs, we have learned that even this is not realistic or always edifying.


WTTB® teaching tools are designed to be used in any household or classroom setting. Whether working one-on-one with your own child, or teaching in a class full of little ones, you can find the resources that are just right for your ministry needs.

Psalm 22:9, “Yet you brought me out of the womb; you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast. From birth I was cast on you; from my mother’s womb you have been my God.” (NIV)


Over 40 minutes of Scriptural Beliefs and Identity Statements read allowed with soothing background music. Perfect for use when baby is sleeping, playing, during travel, etc.

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We believe that no child is too young to know who they are in Jesus and to be equipped for a successful future, inside and out. The Who’s Teaching the Babies?® team is dedicated to helping people just like you to raise babies and children to know their God, know what He says about them, and know what He has called them to do. Visit our ever-expanding resource center for helpful content and resources for parents, teachers, and more!

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